So You are a Professional Services Consultant. Now What?


crm_online_for_servicesYou are part of a professional services firm. This means your main assets are thought leadership, experience and consultancy–commodities that can be a lifeline for many growing industries. If your organization is relatively small, leveraging these assets with a time and materials approach is easy and straightforward for almost any industry for which you offer expertise. But how do you excel in the consulting profession when your firm grows and becomes more complex? What happens when you increase client-service agreements or expand into multiple domestic or international locations?

Separate Parts = Problem Parts

Many professional service firms provide simplified separate applications for separate functions (e.g., customer relationship management [CRM], accounting/invoicing, engagement/metrics tracking) that are managed by individual teams. As the business grows, such systems rapidly reach their limit in terms of connectivity and functionality. As a result, instead of your firm protecting and increasing its client base, you scramble to keep afloat. The infrastructure built by your firm to provide expert advice to your clients’ 50 employees and three offices ago no longer applies and is becoming less relevant by the day. All because you haven’t adopted the latest and best operational metrics systems to track and engage your client base. It’s 2015. Your clients deserve better.

Client-Centric Thought Leadership

Professional IT Services ConsultantEffective thought leadership for your clients means immediate responses, staying current with leading-edge integrated practices, faster business decisions and on-demand self-service access to information. It means your firm needs to anticipate rather than react to rapid change, and support the optimal alignment of people, assets, systems and data.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a powerful set of tools, apps, and platforms that in combination drive optimization of business intelligence, social insights and campaign management. Traditionally, CRM means you can have a system that automates processes and client insights wherever you are, and also becomes scalable as you gain more customers or need more employees.

Now more than ever, as businesses transform to accommodate mobility and transparency, CRM programs need to become flexible, mobile and accessible by everyone in your organization. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers a flexible solution of a full range of software with product integration not only for Office 365 and Power BI but also Yammer, Lync, Skype and many other social conferencing systems that employees, customers and business partners already use.

Microsoft and its partners seek to hone in on target industries as well– utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Service Industries, flexible business applications that help deepen client engagement, increase employee productivity, and drive business results through a connected user experience across professional services and consulting firms.

Transform the Consulting Profession

crm-online-servicesInefficient practices, such as poor allocation of resources to deal with pesky problematic clients or overstaffing/understaffing projects, can waste time and effort. Likewise, inaccurate budgeting and billing and other lack of controls over the financial aspects of the business create friction that limit the organization’s ultimate potential. All of these issues in today’s consulting profession lack one element: Insight. With the absence of insight comes the absence of effective decision-making, which like a snowball, negatively affects the overall business. Proactive and forward-looking technology can connect people to their work, bringing forward insights that enable better engagements, better decisions and better guiding processes that optimize results.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Service Industries works like familiar Microsoft software, which means less of a learning curve for your people, and more of an opportunity for them to get up and running quickly and focus on what’s most important. The program is already aligned with Microsoft technologies, so it works easily with the systems your company already has implemented. You will transform the consulting profession, one firm at a time.

So, now what? By automating and streamlining financial, client relationship, and project lifecycle management, you bring together people, processes, and technologies, and will help increase the productivity and effectiveness of your business.

SADA Systems, a Microsoft National Solutions Provider with Gold Competencies, understands the critical need for businesses to become dynamic, flexible and multi-channeled to best understand customers and foster lasting relationships. Visit our website to learn more.


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