Inspire Your Sales Team by Reigniting Competition


fantasy-sales-teamMicrosoft just announced an exciting purchase and integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that is changing the game for sales team productivity and competition: FantasySalesTeam.

Did Microsoft really just borrow a page from the fantasy sports leagues playbook to inspire your sales team? Yes, and this is why you should be excited about it.

How does FantasySalesTeam work?

FantasySalesTeam is not just gamification. In the words of VP of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Bob Stutz it is, “the very embodiment of reinventing productivity.”

Watch the video below to see how it works:


FantasySalesTeam is an innovative sales platform that’s helped hundreds of companies boost sales productivity, drive revenue, and improve CRM adoption through collaboration and team based competition.

Sure, there are a lot of apps that do this, but they’re all about patting your star performers on the back. What is really unique about the structure of FantasySalesTeam is that it levels the playing field. Instead of constantly rewarding top sales members, it effectively rewards those members of your team who may not be star performers. Structured like a fantasy football team, team members draft other “players” and everyone works together to beat other teams. It motivates the rest of your team – your whole team – by encouraging everyone at their own level.

One of the best aspects of FantasySalesTeam is its efficiency. Sales competitions often get bogged down with the logistics of tracking wins, keeping up-to-date and making sure credit is given where its due. FantasySalesTeam’s leaderboard is built so that managers can monitor performance without the hassle. Better yet, it now integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

What does this mean for your sales team?

The reason why FantasySalesTeam is such a game-changer is because adoption skyrockets. One of the most significant pain points for sales directors is not only motivating their teams, but also making sure salespeople are keeping information up-to-date in CRM.

fantasy-sales-team-hpHP, for example, saw an astonishing 94% year-over-year increase in revenues in the Americas after just two months of implementing FantasySalesTeam. According to Rick Hanson, VP of Worldwide Sales and Field Operations for HP, “FantasySalesTeam changed the game – no longer was it a single carrot that was put out there for a sales executive to chase with a single goal – winning amongst your peer group in a teaming design is also a motivator.”

FantasySalesTeam is reigniting adoption and increasing sales numbers for companies around the world:

  • Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI) recently ran a pilot with 130 sales reps and compared their performance to almost 700 others. Those using FantasySalesTeam on average closed 88 percent more deals at 213 percent the average contract value.

  • Wireless Zone saw a 176 percent increase in total sales, 35 percent increase in specific product sales and a 9 percent increase in profit in the first month they ran FantasySalesTeam.

According to Stutz, “Their platform is highly effective at increasing team collaboration, productivity and consequently driving greater results and business growth.”

In my opinion – the best news? To help drive adoption of Microsoft’s CRM solutions in a fun and creative way, FantasySalesTeam comes free with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and will be rolled out to users in coming months.

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