How Sharing Works in the Cloud: Microsoft SharePoint Online


Sharing. Editing. Collaborating. Productivity. Mobility. There is an endless string of buzzwords commonly used to describe the business benefits of moving to the cloud. What does effective collaboration really mean for your business and what are the benefits in a work environment?



Microsoft SharePoint Online brings together these concepts into a solid framework of tools built for the purpose of providing users with the ability to share information and work together to accomplish business goals faster and more effectively. Watch the video to learn more and view an informative demo on how sharing works in SharePoint Online:

All information stored or shared with SharePoint Online is synchronized in the cloud. This means that information is stored in one central repository accessible to any individuals with whom the files have been shared, ensuring that users are able to access and work out of the same version of a document, presentation, spreadsheet or folder. This eliminates the need to compile edits made in different versions of documents and also provides greater business mobility because these files can be accessed, edited and shared from anywhere, on any device.

SharePoint Online has two functions which fulfill two different purposes:

  • Public sites: Custom sites that administrators build out to share information externally with partners, vendors, or customers

  • Team sites: Internal collaboration platform to share information amongst employees and teams

As far as security and compliance, SharePoint Online allows administrators and users to easily manage policies and security controls and comes with enterprise-grade security and compliance requirements such as SharePoint Online HTTPS in Office 365, information rights management, eDiscovery, and case management. All information is encrypted on Microsoft’s secure servers both at rest and also while in transit for end-to-end protection. Also, although the data is stored on Microsoft’s servers, users have full ownership and control; if an employee leaves the company or compromises company data, the administrator can revoke access to any and all information.

SharePoint Online further reduces information friction within businesses with a comprehensive search tool–which allows employees to locate virtually any kind of file in the organization’s database without having to search up and down the organizational hierarchy to find what they need.

SharePoint is available as a standalone solution or combined with Office 365, which also includes Exchange Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive, and Office Web Apps. Where does SADA Systems come in? As a Microsoft National Solutions Provider (NSP), SADA provides SharePoint Online design, implementation and consultancy in addition to migration to Office 365 productivity suite. SADA has a proven track record in building both public sites and team sites for organizations looking for customized features such as a custom look and feel, and integration of specific functions or workflows for optimal productivity.

To learn more, register for a live webinar hosted by Microsoft in partnership with SADA Systems on the benefits of SharePoint Online and Power BI.
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