Microsoft WPC 2014 Updates: Microsoft Azure


The past couple of weeks have been buzzing with news from Microsoft’s World Partner Conference (WPC), which boasted an incredible 16,000 attendees from over 140 countries who gathered to listen and participate in Microsoft’s innovative “mobile-first, cloud-first” strategy. SADA Systems was privileged to attend and experience the excitement surrounding new releases, updates, and future partner opportunities.

microsoft wpc 2014

This blog is focused on new Azure-based developments. It is part one of three blogs dedicated to the latest updates from WPC and what they mean for your business.

Azure StorSimple

Azure StorSimple, announced a few days before WPC, is a hybrid cloud solution focused on simplifying data management for businesses. StorSimple represents a way for enterprises to leverage the capacity and power of public cloud combined with the familiarity of their own data centers, for a well-rounded, secure solution. Hybrid cloud is becoming an increasingly popular technology trend, especially in North America, due to its multi-faceted security and performance benefits. The array of StorSimple options focus specifically on enterprise needs: the new storage solutions are designed to cut storage costs from 40 to 60% and increase ease of infrastructure management, allowing IT teams to focus on business strategies.

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning (ML), announced in June, is a ground-breaking analytic tool, which provides the capacity to predict future outcomes for businesses to better improve and plan for the future. The concept of machine learning is not new; it powers many familiar tools such as search engines, targeting and spam filters. However, Azure Machine learning broadens the possibilities for partners to build accurate, data-driven applications providing powerful business intelligence. Joseph Sirosh, corporate VP at Microsoft in charge of Azure ML, explained, “Traditional data analysis let you predict the future. Machine learning lets you change the future.” By letting Microsoft’s cloud (Azure) do the heavy lifting, businesses now have the ability analyze, predict, and change future outcomes.

Azure Preview Portal

The Azure Preview Portal, another step towards a cloud-first environment, simplifies the cloud experience by bringing together all the necessary tools to create, manage, and analyze your entire cloud environment. The goal of this management portal is to increase overall agility and control by integrating billing and management of standalone services like Azure Web Sites, Visual Studio Projects, or databases. The Preview Portal is also customizable, and allows you to manage virtual machines and networks alongside websites and databases as a single application. Microsoft will continue to update the Portal; this is another sign of Microsoft’s continued commitment to customer preferences and to the cloud.

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and National Solutions Partner, SADA Systems was privileged to send a number of our own leaders and sales reps to WPC to hear about the latest updates and Microsoft’s new productivity-focused vision. If you would like access to a detailed data sheet, have any questions about Microsoft solutions, or are looking for cloud consultative services, don’t hesitate to visit our website (infrastructure migration to Azure or Azure hosted ADFS for Office 365) or email us at


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