Even If It Ain’t Broke Fix It: Upgrade from Windows Server 2003


Similar to the end-of-life (EOL) for the Windows XP operating system after its 12-year run, Microsoft has announced that after July 14, 2015, it will stop providing software updates and support for Windows Server 2003 (WS 2003).

According to data released by Microsoft in July 2014, companies that do not upgrade could face critical security risks, meaning that bugs, viruses and system vulnerabilities will no longer be supported, putting your data and systems on the chopping block for cyber attacks and breaches. In addition, organizations in regulated industries could face compliance violations for outdated software, which could result in pricey fines and loss of business. Add significant cost increases, lack of technical support and inconsistencies with modern cloud applications, and organizations are left with a witches’ brew of issues– a potential nightmare just in time for Halloween.

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The Time is Now

While change can be hard, waiting until the last minute to perform your WS 2003 server migration and upgrade is a risky proposition. Industry experts say that migration could take more than 200 days, which cuts into the July 14, 2015 EOL deadline. Don’t be that organization. Join 57% of Fortune 500 companies and migrate and upgrade your applications and databases to a cost efficient, secure, flexible, scalable cloud platform: Microsoft Azure.  

What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud platform that enables organizations to quickly migrate all of their IT infrastructure from a Windows 2003 server to Windows 2008 or 2012 servers. Azure’s secure and easy-to-use portal eliminates the need for expensive in-house data centers. SADA’s Infrastructure Migration to Azure is a consultant-focused, three-phase process for organizations looking to leverage Azure’s scalable, pay-as-you-go processing power for applications and data. The three phases consist of Discovery, Planning, and Building & Migrating. This process allows organizations to leverage Microsoft Azure to significantly cut cost and time associated with infrastructure maintenance and upkeep.

Microsoft Azure portal for access from any device, whether in-house or remote

What are the Benefits of Microsoft Azure?

  • Cost benefits: Users only pay per use for popular infrastructure services like storage, computing, memory and bandwidth. The “pay as you go/pay as you grow” approach lets you bring your new apps to market sooner and respond more quickly to changes in your customers’ needs.

  • Simplicity: With more efficient data storage, backup and recovery, Azure’s powerful automation capabilities save time and expense spent on infrastructure maintenance

  • Consistency: Maintain IT investment consistency with familiar resources

  • Familiarity: Extend your data center with a consistent management toolset and familiar development and identity solutions

  • Enterprise-grade performance and security in the cloud

  • Meet changing business needs with greater scalability, flexibility, on demand delivery

How can my organization migrate as seamlessly as possible?

As a National Solutions Provider with Gold Competencies, SADA Systems can manage all of your organization’s data and application migration for your new cloud-based Azure environment, freeing up resources and fostering partnerships and relationships with on-premises IT personnel.   By providing comprehensive Microsoft Online services to its clients, SADA Systems has earned the honor of being named one of Microsoft’s first Cloud Accelerate Partners in the World. From initial assessment to strategic consultancy, SADA’s expertise in custom application development projects provide unique opportunities for your business to better align itself with the cloud services model.

 Contact mssales@sadasystems.com to explore upgrading options or take our free online Windows Server 2003 assessment.

Free Windows Server 2003 Assessment

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