UC Hastings Students Welcome Reliability and Accessibility with Microsoft Azure


UC_Hastings-azure-reliability-sada-systemsEstablished in 1878, the University of California, Hastings College of Law (UC Hastings) was the first UC law school and the first law school in California. They currently serve over 2,000 students, faculty, and staff from their campus in the heart of San Francisco.

With a growing number of staff and students, UC Hastings IT team quickly realized that they were unable to maintain their on-premise infrastructure due to limited resources and personnel. Furthermore, they were vulnerable to outages from power failures and natural disasters that caused major headaches for the university. “We realized quickly that the Microsoft Azure cloud platform would be a solution for us to move our on-prem Tier-1 services off campus,” said Jake Hornsby, Chief Information Officer, UC Hastings.


SADA Systems had already successfully migrated UC Hastings to Office 365 and was a trusted implementation partner with knowledge of their situation. SADA Systems was able to evaluate and strategize an Azure implementation plan that would provide UC Hastings with accessibility and up-time they couldn’t achieve with on-premise infrastructure. “SADA Systems was instrumental in helping us move these workloads to the cloud,” added Hornsby. The UC Hastings IT Team is pleased with the ability to spin up machines quickly and easily scale as the demand presents itself without making large investments in additional hardware. UC Hastings Network Engineer Nicholas Urrea stated, “With the high availability in Azure, we can guarantee better services for our customers: our students, our staff, and our faculty.”

Watch the short video to learn more about UC Hastings’ transition to Microsoft Azure and the benefits realized by moving to the cloud.  Contact SADA to learn more about Azure.

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