Is the Enterprise Agile Enough for Modern Business?

In the late 90s, Sony ruled the music scene with an established music division and the Walkman. But then a smaller, nimbler company broke into the scene with their more functional version of the cumbersome MP3 player. When Apple launched the iPod and iTunes for a user-friendly and ultimately portable music listening experience, they quickly edged out the previously-reigning media giant. Though Sony had the resources, Apple had startup culture; they were able to develop, test, manufacture, and market their product before the competition could. Because its size, Apple was more agile.

How Big Business is Becoming More Agile

The moral of this story isn’t that the startup will always beat the corporation, but rather that in the face of startup culture it is becoming increasingly important for large companies to be agile. This is exactly why cloud migration should be a priority on any modern business’s to-do list.

Small to mid-sized businesses have been eager to make the jump to the cloud, touting the convenience of having a third party run their IT. Large companies, however, face a different set of challenges. They have a dedicated IT department with a budget; their major issue is that they’re BIG. That can mean anything from sluggish communications between departments to a complex infrastructure. Enterprises have been using the cloud to facilitate the ease and speed of data transfer between departments at different locations throughout the world.

Cloud Migration for Enterprise

Migrating to the cloud is more than just storing information; it’s a more communicative and collaborative way of doing business. It saves the IT department from the headaches of maintaining and scaling on-premise servers.

Surprising? More and more enterprises are modernizing business by migrating to the cloud. Many organizations are embracing Office 365 in particular to leverage familiar tools while still increasing collaboration, mobility, and security.

Learn how Office 365 can help modernize your business. 

Is Office 365 Just Office in the Cloud?

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