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US Navy Program Adopts Google Apps

US Navy Seal logoFor over 230 years the mission of the United States Navy has been successfully defending America’s shores and its interests at sea. When this branch of the armed forces decides to go with Google Apps, its definitely a “Victory at Sea” for the platform.

According to, the Navy’s Maritime Domain Awareness program has licensed Google Apps for 5000 users.

The Maritime Domain Awareness program keeps an eye on all types of oceanic traffic, shipping, etc. to scan for potential threats to the US at sea. It also works to coordinate a number of humanitarian efforts.

The Navy will use the collaborative power of Google Apps to share information among various units, government agencies and international partners. It will also integrate much of this information with it’s Google Earth Enterprise initiative.

Whether at sea or on dry land, Google Apps is a useful tool to help accomplish any mission. To see how we can put it to work for you, contact us at SADA Systems at 818.766.2400.

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