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Universal City Chamber of Commerce Goes Google

On Friday SADA Systems Inc deployed Google Apps for Your Domain for use by members of the Universal City, North Hollywood Chamber of commerce and its members. Members will now have access to personal GMail accounts using their own login credentials. In addition to email chamber members will have access to Google Calendar, which will be used for Chamber and member events.

Deployment of the Google Apps represents a new level of online functionality available to the UCNH Chamber. Users of the system will have access to these features from anywhere they have access to a computer and Internet connection. Using the Google Apps for your domain provides Chamber members with faster, more reliable communication tools. Google Apps presents some advantages over other solutions in that Google’s product is free, built upon open standards, intuitive, and friendly. The system will run quickly and efficiently on even older computers in use by some Chamber members, as Google’s solution does not depend on any local system resources. Google Apps for Your Domain is ideal for non-profit organizations such as the UCNH chamber as it is freely available, powerful, and highly customizable.
Initially all members will have access to the calendar. Staff members of the UCNH Chamber will also receiving their own free GMail accounts.

Google Apps for Your Domain is a next-generation productivity solution engineered with Web 2.0 concepts in mind. Web 2.0 is a movement in technology and the Internet to develop the web as something more than a static space for presenting information. Applying Web 2.0 technologies provides Internet users with a content rich and interactive environment including information resources, online collaboration, and information sharing. Software that makes use of Web 2.0 concepts includes wiki, blogs, and RSS (Really Simple Syndication). For more information about web 2.0 see the Wikipedia article located at the following address, By leveraging the power of Web 2.0 concepts Google Apps for Your Domain provides Chamber members with a powerful next generation solution for information management and collaboration.

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