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SADA Presents Cloud Computing at Breakfast Event

The Big Switch

On Tuesday, September 9th, SADA and Google came together to present services that represent a major shift in how businesses and individuals think of computing. Dubbed “The Big Switch” after the book by Nicholas Carr, the event explored the concept of cloud computing from a Google perspective. Google is a leader in the cloud computing movement. Their Google Apps suite of hosted applications combines email, word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint style presentations, and wiki-like collaborative spaces. By hosting email and apps with Google, businesses and organizations can greatly reduce hardware costs and licensing fees. Also, IT professionals who were previously occupied by mundane and non-creative activities, like server backups, can now focus on activities which add business value to organizations.

SADA Systems, Inc. was one of the first ten Google Enterprise Partners selected at the launch of Google Apps in early 2007. Since becoming a Google Enterprise Partner, SADA has been at the forefront of a several successful Google Apps implementations. SADA offers a number of Google Apps Solutions in Google’s Enterprise Marketplace, and a number of the attendees of the event had engaged SADA for assistance with their own Google Apps deployment.

Maureen addresses the audienceAttendees of the event were treated to breakfast at the City Club on Bunker Hill. Google and SADA both offered informative presentations, emphasizing the coming change in how businesses fulfill their technology needs. The presentations included organizations and enterprises who have either deployed or are considering deploying Google Apps to fulfill their business email and collaboration needs. A question and answer session followed the presentations.

Below is SADA’s slide show presentation from the event. It is noteworty that this presentation was created using the Google Docs Presentations solution part of the suite of products available under the Google Apps umbrella.

Tony SafoianSADA’s President and CEO, Tony Safoian, announce that attendees of the event get 15% off of SADA’s deployment services if they engage SADA before the end of September. So, if you attended the event and wish to benefit from this discount ACT SOON!

If you attended the event hosted by SADA and Google, please take a moment to fill out a short survey, located here

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