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Offline Google Docs: They’re Here!

We all know how great it is to create and collaborate online with Google Docs. But of course the greatest part of Google Docs – the Internet connection – is also a real downside when you don’t have it. But not anymore!

Google Docs is slowly rolling out an “unplugged” option. Using the Google Gears platform, a limited number of you (and more of you soon!) will have the option to save and work on Google Docs locally when you have no Internet connection. So if you’re on a plane, at your folks’ cabin in the mountains or the barista accidentally plugs the espresso machine into the wireless router, you can still work.

The offline version of Docs currently only supports the English language and is not extended to Google Spreadsheets or Presentations. But that will come later. Offline Google Docs pretty much works in the background – your docs are synced with your Google Apps account as soon as you have an Internet connection again.

For more information about using the power of Google Docs online or offline please contact us here at SADA Systems, Inc. at 818.766.2400.

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