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How to use Google Sites in your classroom


With the school year being well under way, we’d like to reveal some of our favorite ways to leverage Google Sites in your classroom (for all the Google Apps for Education schools out there). While Google Sites is a great resource to create simple websites – without the use of IT, meaning it’s a great group project for students – it can also be:

  • A resource wiki for students to access and share class materials including documents, images, videos and more

  • A site to post upcoming assignments, tests and class events

  • A blog for class-wide, individual or group-related work

  • A blog/discussion board for class-wide collaboration

  • A project wiki where students drop in content to collaboratively work on assignments

  • A site private to parents and guardians to track student progress

  • A digital portfolio to feature student work and achievements

And more! Really, your imagination’s the limit for how you’d want to leverage Google Sites. Check out our webinar recording to see some of the ways we’ve helped customize Google Sites for educational institutions.

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