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How to rename a user account in Google Apps

Now that September has come around, it’s prime time to highlight a common problem that many of our Google Apps EDU migration clients face during the back to school period. Summer is also known as “Wedding Season.” Teachers that come back from their honeymoons and have chosen to change their last names are faced with a daunting realization–Google Apps does not have an option to edit user names!

However, renaming a user account in Google Apps is possible with the User Renamer for Google Apps (clever name, eh?). Before our Renamer App, changing the name on user account was archaic and downright tedious: backup user’s Google Docs, export calendar items, export contacts, download email messages, create new user account, import Google Docs, import calendar items, import contacts, re-download email messages and finally delete old user account. Now imagine doing that for every single name change. It’s enough to make an IT administrator quit their job! Thankfully, our app developers recognized the need for a simple Renamer App and delivered some much needed IT relief.

How to rename a user in Google Apps (using our Renamer App):

1) Locate the user you would like to rename

2) Update username, and, optionally, first and/or last name.

Renaming a newlywed user account is just one of the countless reasons why you may need the User Renamer for Google Apps. Check out our 100th download post to see some of our favorite reasons (item 3 is my personal favorite).

Familiar, simple, secure—it's time to give G Suite a closer look.

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