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Google I/O Conference – SADA will be there will you?

SADA Systems returns to San Francisco’s Moscone center in May for Google I/O conference on the 19th-20th.

We at SADA are ecstatic to engage as part of the Developers Sandbox. We look forward to sharing our latest developments and upcoming applications utilizing Google’s App Engine and APIs. One of the best parts of the Google I/O conference is the opportunity to learn more about the latest from the developing world regarding Google APIs, GWT, App Engine, Android, Chrome and more.

Look for us at Google’s I/O conference in May we are looking forward to seeing you there.

Don’t have tickets? Register here before it’s too late.

Follow us on twitter at @SADASystems for all the latest on SADA and our involvememnt in the I/O conference #io2010

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