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Google Apps Update – Gmail & Google Drive


Happy Friday! We’re rounding out the end of the week with a few Google Apps updates, summarizing a few new changes with both Gmail (for both consumers and Google Apps customers) and Google Drive.

  • Gmail gets a security revamp: HTTPS-only and 99.978% availability
    We all want to know our email solution of choice (and the information we send through it) is protected – Google recently announced that Gmail will always use a HTTPS connection, every time you check or send messages. Although HTTPS has been the default for Gmail since 2010, the HTTPS-only change means that no one can intercept or listen in on your messages as they travel between you and Google’s servers, regardless of the device you’re on, or whether you’re using public WiFi. In addition, every single message you receive or send is encrypted moving internally. And with 99.978% availability, Gmail is even more readily accessible when you need it. Learn more about this update by visiting the Google Enterprise Blog.

  • Ability to edit images directly in Google Slides and Drawings
    Make your presentations even better with the ability to crop, apply shape masks and add borders right within Google Slides! Learn more by visiting the Google Enterprise Blog.


We hope you enjoy these collaboration updates – let us know your thoughts on the changes in the comments below! Questions about Google Apps? Feel free to visit our website and send us a note.

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