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Google Apps Notification

In order for Google to continue to improve their products and deliver more sophisticated features and performance, they are harnessing some of the latest improvements in web browser technology. This includes faster JavaScript processing and new standards like HTML5.

They have several exciting new features planned this year for Google Docs, but as we transition to the new Google Docs architecture, we’ll need to temporarily remove offline support starting May 3rd, 2010. After this date, offline access to Google Docs will automatically be disabled and your users will no longer be able to access Google Docs while disconnected from the Internet.

If you use Google Docs offline, please sync your documents by May 3rd to ensure that changes you’ve made while offline are saved to Google Docs.

If you need offline access to certain documents after May 3rd, you can always export Google Docs files to your computer (, then upload your files back to Google Docs ( after you’re finished editing offline.


We know this is an important feature for some of you, and we are working hard to bring a new and improved HTML5-based offline option back to Google Docs.

Please note that this change only concerns Google Docs. We will continue to support offline access for Gmail and Google Calendar.

Thank you.


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