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Genentech on Google Apps

Genentech Inc. is a leading biotechnology corporation, which was founded in 1976 by venture capitalist Robert A. Swanson and biochemist Dr. Herbert W. Boyer. It is considered to have founded the biotechnology industry. One of its founders, Boyer, is a pioneer in the field of recombinant DNA technology

Considering their mission, for Genentech quality and reliability are mission critical.  When the firm was looking to replace collaboration suite, they turned to Google Apps Premier Edition.  Genentech had plans to build a multi-millions of dollars new data center but because of their use of Google Apps and other cloud computing solutions that project was no longer necessary and the funds were re-purposed to their core mission of making great biotech discoverys.

Genentech VP of Information Technology Todd Pierce found that Google Apps is the only collboration suite that met his requirements of being 100% online, fully integrated and at a lower price point when compared to other solutions. Pierce was also impressed by Google’s disaster recovery features, that he can access from anywhere in the world.  With Google’s regular updates that are pushed “behind the scenes” to the product there’s no need to install the usual software patches; Google’s solution gets him “out of the upgrade business.”

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