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SADA Systems Introduces: An SSO solution for Google Apps built on App Engine!

Today, SADA Systems is proud to announce our revamped Single-Sign On (SSO) solution for Google Apps, built on App Engine! Our newly 100% cloud-based service allows users to log into Google Apps with the same set of credentials that are in their LDAP or Active Directory, eliminating the need to remember two sets of credentials.  Users experience a seamless, true SSO experience for Google Apps! SADA’s SSO solution for Google Apps is compliant to the SAML 2.0 standard  for communicating authorization and authentication data between security domains, and is operable for IMAP, POP3, Mobile Apps and Google Talk through SADA’s optional Password Sync module.

Available add-ons include options to customize the look and feel of the landing page  and a password sync option for each user.

To learn more about our services with Google Apps, visit the Google Apps Marketplace or our website.

Familiar, simple, secure—it's time to give G Suite a closer look.

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