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SADA Systems announces the release of their latest tool: License Alert for Google Apps (LAGA)

SADA Systems today announced the release of the newest Google Apps application to join the other tools the company has developed: License Alert for Google Apps (LAGA). LAGA is ideal for  rapidly expanding companies using Google Apps!

LAGA is a tool that allows system administrators to better manage the number of licenses they have available within their organization. This tool was built for businesses provisioning users via a directory sync tool (such as Google’s GADS tool), who may not be regularly logging into their control panel to check the number of licenses they may have. These organizations can lose track of the number of licenses they still have available, and consequently cannot onboard new users while waiting to purchase additional licenses. LAGA eliminates this worry, and it’s as simple as checking your inbox – LAGA allows administrators to set a percentage of licenses they have used before receiving an email notification to purchase additional licenses, eliminating the need to reference the control panel on a regular basis. The email includes instructions on how to purchase additional licenses, as well as the domain name and number of users out of the total number of licenses. LAGA is convenient, clear and customizable, allowing administrators to set the percentage of licenses they want to trigger an alert and define a list of users to receive the alert.

LAGA can be found on the Google Apps Marketplace, through SADA Systems’ vendor listing.

Read the full press release here.

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