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POP3 Configuration tool for Outlook: Free Open Customizable

What if you’re helping move dozens, hundreds, or thousands of users to Google Apps, and you find that many people wish to continue to use Outlook or Outlook Express and download their mail, as opposed to just using their web browser? Simply distribute a version of the tool with your custom settings, and have your users help themselves! This tool can potentially save dozens of hours of manual labor in time it would otherwise requires to plan, coordinate, and manually add the new settings for all Outlook users in your organization or group of users.

About the tool
POP Configuration tool is a free and open Windows executable which will configure Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2002 and earlier versions of Outlook to use Google Apps via POP3/SMTP. The only information a user of the tool needs to provide is the email address and name to be displayed in the From: field.

Tool executable can be downloaded from SADA’s Website


  1. Make sure the email client you are configuring (Outlook Express or Outlook) is closed.
  2. Download and save the file.
  3. Double-click on the file to execute it.
  4. Enter your email address (the portion before @ symbol).
  5. Enter your full name.
  6. Hit Next. Hit Finish.
  7. Your email client is now configured to be used with Google Apps POP3/SMTP.

POP3 Config.

The source code can be downloaded from SADA’s Website

A number of UI elements in the tool can be customized, such as logo, text fields, and icon. If you’d like to modify the logo, it must be 157 pixels wide, 57 pixels high, and less than 15 kilobytes in size.

Ask about POP3 Configuration tool for Outlook


  1. Customize the file sada_customization.txt
  2. Create configuration file by running the following command: ./ sada_customization.txt NEWDIR English
  3. Modify gmailconfig.nsi by replacing with and with
  4. Compile gmailconfig.nsi using NSIS
    -Download and install NSIS from
    -Run NSIS
    -Click on compile NSI script
    -Click on Load Script. This will compile the script and create tool executable
  5. You’re done. Distribute the executable to your users

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