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Integrating Google+ at Work

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On August 29, Google+ launched a set of new features designed for businesses that are “going Google”! Employing Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Drive, Google’s new business technology allow companies to share face-to-face meetings, updates and work on presentations in real time!

Google Apps admins will now have the authority to restrict posts to their organization and gain the flexibility to share posts with specific individuals outside of the company if they choose to, granting businesses more control over the content they post on Google+. Along with restrictive posting, there are administrative controls allowing the businesses to set a company-wide defaults for posting restrictions.

SADA Systems is a Premier Google Apps Enterprise partner that helps organizations integrate cloud computing solutions such as Google+. Google+ is beneficial to businesses trying to save expenses and allows employees to actively participate in connecting through all possible Google channels. Google Apps new video conferencing technology, powered by Hangouts, grants up to 10 people access to join the meeting from a computer, tablet or phone! Attendees can easily log into the video conference right from their Google Calendar, along with having a Google Doc open for all members to edit during the hangout meeting. According to Google, “All you need is a device with a camera and an internet connection.”

Google+ allows employees to stay connected, collaborate more easily, all while getting to know each other along the way! Companies will have free access to use Google+’s new components until the end of 2013. During this time, Google will continue to grow its features and administrative controls, tailored to the organizations they service.

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