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Google offers Google Message Security to K-12 Schools for Free

The search giant offers email security to users of the Google Apps Education Edition.

The official announcement came in last week that Google would begin to offer email security free to new and eligible K-12 Google Apps Education edition users. To be eligible for this offer, users must opt-in by July of 2010. Eligible schools that wish to opt-in can learn more about the offer here.

Eligible schools who participate in the offer will be given access to Google’s Postini-powered Google Message Security. This system allows administrators to set rules that do the following:

    • Limit messages, based on the sender, recipient, or content.


    • Assign rules to groups of users. This is particularly valuable as it allows administrators to separately moderate email content received by students and teachers.

Google also made educational and community resources available to both educators and students. These resources provide a resource for students, their teachers, and school administrators to learn more about Google Apps. Included in the online resources are more than 20 classroom-ready lesson plans.

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