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Google Form users: Announcing 4 new customization capabilities!


Google Forms are definitely popular here at SADA Systems, whether they’re used for internally polling our team on whether they want to participate in our quarterly ping pong tournaments, or externally as a private registration form for an event. We know there’s a myriad of ways you can leverage Google Forms as a Google Apps user – which is why it’s so exciting to learn that there are brand new ways to customize your Forms, based on your audience!

As announced on the Google Drive Blog, here are the 4 new exciting features you can start using:

  • Progress bars: for when you want to know just how far away you are from finishing!

  • Data validation: collecting sign-ups? Ensure you have the correct email!

  • Embedded YouTube videos: need feedback on a video (like a webinar recording)? Now you can get it!

  • Custom messages: closed off a Google Form? You can have information available after it’s closed!

Check out how to access these features by reading the instructions and screenshots in the blog post.

You can always learn more about our Google Apps services by visiting our website!

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Happy Form-collecting!

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