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Google asks How much is faster collaboration worth to businesses?

As a Google Apps partner, one of the most common benefits of switching to Google that we hear from our clients is the cost savings. But after over 3 years of Google Apps migration and deployment services, we know that the benefits don’t end there.

Google recently contracted Forrester Consulting to assist with the question, “How much is faster collaboration worth to businesses?” The consulting firm helped measure the “Total Economic Impact” that a typical company who have transitioned to the cloud can expect over the course of 3 years. Forrester’s Google Apps report detailed some interesting findings. Below details what a typical Enterprise level company with about 18,000 employees with multiple offices around the globe can expect to see by utilizing Google Apps for 3 years:

  • Over 300% ROI
  • Dramatically improved productivity
  • Break-even under 7 months or faster
  • Net Present Value (NPV) over $10,000,000

Read more about the Forrester report at the Google Enterprise blog.

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