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Google Apps Updates: Translate a site preview PDFs and page templates location released in Google Sites

In Google Sites you can now:

– Translate a site you visit that’s not in your default language for Google Sites. This could be used by international co-workers to view the project site of a remote office if that project site is in the local language of that office.
– PDF files attached to pages and file cabinets can now be previewed with the Google Docs viewer so no need to download the file.
– You can now set a default location in your site for page templates.
Editions included:
Standard, Premier, Education, Team and Partner EditionsLanguages included:
All languages supported by Google SitesHow to access what’s new:
– If you visit a site that’s not in your chosen language for Sites, there is now a ‘Translate’ link at the bottom right of the page which will translate the site for you using Google Translate.
– For a PDF file in Sites, clicking on ‘View’ instead of ‘Download’ now previews that PDF in Google Docs viewer.
– When saving or modifying a page template, choose ‘Default location’ to specify a location in your site structure. If a page is then created using this template, then the default location will be what you’ve specified.

For more information:

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