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Google Apps Update: Multiple calendars and more in new version of Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

The updates keep coming from Google Apps! Here are some GREAT new features for the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook:

Version of Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook has been released for new installs and updates.


Editions included:
Premier and Education EditionsLanguages included:
Available worldwide with US English interfaceHow to access what’s new:
– Multiple calendars
You can now create new calendars in Outlook and they will sync with Google Apps. For any of your Google Apps calendars for which you have write permissions, and that appear unhidden in your Google Apps Calendar list, these will also now be synced to Outlook.- Support for querying free/busy information for Exchange users
If you are using Google Apps Sync in a mixed Google Apps/Exchange environment, you can query free/busy information for Exchange users by implementing Google Calendar Connectors and adding a new registry key to each computer on which Google Apps Sync is installed.

Get information about the Google Calendar Connectors here. Get information about setting up the new registry key here.

For more information on Google Apps – go here:

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