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78 Gov Cloud migrations for the next year – Good thing we are GSA Certified

The Office of Management and Budget made a major announcement recently. They released a list of 78 projects which are scheduled to transition in the clouds over the next year. These are 78 critical services that are officially going to take the leap of faith into the clouds. Multiple agencies are opting in for various process transitions into the clouds. The cloud strategy is spread out over multiple areas and the strategy for each agency is tailored for its individual needs.
The most common cloud transition is the email application. 14 agencies have opted in for email transition into cloud applications. Email transitioning into the clouds is the first step towards the clouds. It is the easiest to transition and the impact is immediate. The next service on the priority seems to be website hosting. 10 agencies are turning towards the cloud for their website hosting needs. Vivek Kundra discussed the details of the transition during an appearance in front of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. The transition to the clouds is expected to result in approximately $5 billion.
Government agencies are actively transitioning to the clouds and the transition movement is under stringent conditions with extremely high security parameters. There are very few companies that are GSA certified and we are proud to say that SADA Systems is one of the few companies that are GSA certified. The GSA certification means that SADA is a trusted provider of information technology services and allows government agencies to contract directly with SADA for Google Apps related cloud computing services. SADA has undertaken several successful contracts with the Government and successfully executed cloud strategies for various government projects like the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, City of Los Angeles and their Google Apps SSO implementation and Kent State University.
Whatever your cloud needs, you can be certain that SADA is a trusted and reliable partner for your journey!

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