3 Reasons to Prepare for a Cloud-Focused Future


Cloud adoption is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 40% every year. Why then does it often seem like the spotlight has moved on to different topics like the “Internet of Things” and “digital enterprise”? Cloud Adoption

Perhaps the spotlight isn’t highlighting the subject of cloud computing, but rather the focus has shifted to the everyday applications the cloud supports. Increasingly popular cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and Salesforce.com live and breathe cloud-based technology. Well-stated in a Forbes article by Joe Mckendrick, “[Cloud computing] is becoming a necessity for organizations, just as phones and electricity are necessities.” Furthermore, some IT organizations have barely started to jump on the cloud bandwagon, and those who get left behind will find themselves fighting an uphill battle against competitors armed with the agility, productivity, and business intelligence provided by the cloud.

Here are some key takeaways to grasp in order to be prepared for the next wave of organized cloud chaos:

IT is just the beginning

Cloud is expanding to encompass not only IT, but all business processes. The cloud is more than simply a way of moving files and services from a computer to the internet, it is a complex ecosystem of services and providers. Studies show that the agility provided by the cloud it has the potential to reorganize the typical business hierarchy as we know it into a more fluid network. Technology will no longer be left to the IT department, but each team will be responsible for selecting their technology resources as needed, with a greater sense of the value of individual contribution. Regarding employment, the character of on-premise IT roles specifically will be redefined. Although many IT professionals are concerned that jobs will be replaced by computing, the outcome of the dramatic increase in productivity allowed by the cloud will serve to create opportunities, not destroy them.

Security remains a spending priority

According to an EY Study, 65% of technology executives plan to spend between one to five percent of their revenue on security next year. Security remains one of the top concerns for new cloud-adopters. Although organizations are slowly becoming more at ease with the idea of storing their data in the cloud, the development of security measures such as cloud data encryption will play a key role in the development of a successful cloud network. The importance of prevention, mitigation, and detection of security breaches must not be underestimated, and the constant development of security solutions will be necessary to assure cloud-users their data is safe.

Data-driven business intelligence is indispensable

From a business standpoint, the capacity for powerful big data analytics is no longer just a rare competitive advantage for the most technology-immersed companies. The emphasis of this concept has been expressed explicitly by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s vision for the future, in which he describes the imminence of a data-driven future fueled by big data. The network we call the “Internet of Things,” is just another facet of what Nadella labels “ubiquitous computing,” which will continue to embody itself in smartphones, tablets, smart homes, etc. This hyperconnectivity will produce an overwhelming amount of knowledge that businesses must have access to in order to make well-informed business decisions.

The opportunities for cloud-based technology are endless and still being realized as a growing majority of small, medium, and large businesses master the powerful computing and analytical capacities of the cloud. Ashar Baig, president of an analyst firm focused on cloud computing, agreed, “Cloud is like water. It will be everywhere within a few years.”

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