True Religion Increases Productivity with Office 365


[Editor’s Note] Today’s blog post is a case study featuring SADA Systems’ Office 365 consultation, deployment, and training for True Religion. 

ClientTrue ReligionTrue_Religion_Logo_Office_365
Organization size2,500+ Users
Country or RegionVernon, California
SADA Service(s)Office 365 implementation

“I would absolutely recommend SADA Systems as an implementation partner. From an IT perspective, we’ve realized huge productivity gains.”

 –Jennifer Terrill, Chief Information Officer, True Religion

Business Challenges 

Founded in 2002, True Religion is a globally-renowned apparel manufacturer and retailer. True Religion currently has 124 stores in the United States, 31 international locations, and corporate offices in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. 

True Religion was running off of Microsoft Exchange 2007, with some users on Microsoft Exchange 2010, and neither system was working very well. True Religion’s IT team was faced with the effort of contributing a significant amount of time and money to either upgrade or fix the servers. Besides infrastructure concerns with the frailty of their two on-premise Exchange environments, True Religion’s employees and customers desired the availability and functionality of a cloud-based solution. Data and email were unavailable in the case of server outages, and the unreliability of their email system disrupted their international offices. If True Religion’s overseas offices woke up to no email, the IT team at their home office would be up in the middle of the night working on the local server. Jennifer Terrill, the acting global Chief Information Officer, stated, “We’re a global company, so email needs to be highly available. We felt it was better to move directly to the Office 365 cloud.”  


Realizing the extent of work required to upgrade servers and the fact that they wanted to leverage the advantages of cloud-based solutions, True Religion began to look towards moving directly to Office 365. True Religion connected with SADA Systems through referral. After an initial consultative call, SADA Systems strategized a migration plan and provided detailed instructions throughout the process, leveraging their experience as a Microsoft National Systems Integrator. SADA worked closely with True Religion’s IT team each step of the way to ensure an efficient and successful implementation. “There were some really good instructions given to us,” said Terrill, “that’s part of what made it so successful.”

Results and Benefits 

True Religion’s employees and IT team were thrilled with the functionality and ease of use of Office 365. Training provided by SADA Systems eased the transition for employees to Office 365, and the similarity between Microsoft’s products made the move to the new system a non-issue. “The good news is that Microsoft products work very similarly, and moving to a new version was not a concern,” said Terrill. With the new cloud-based system, True Religion could also follow safe harbor compliance regulations. Their legal team specifically benefitted from being able to implement legal holds and do all their processing separate from IT processes. Both True Religions’ customers and employees are very satisfied with the reliability and functionality of Office 365’s cloud-based data and email. Regarding reliability, Terrill affirmed, “they’re very happy now that it’s in the cloud and almost 100% available. Also, our global locations don’t have to feel guilty about getting us up in the middle of the night because of a problem. 

True Religion’s IT infrastructure concerns tied to the frailty of their previous system were solved by moving email and data to the cloud with Office 365, and the increased functionality was an added benefit. “I would absolutely recommend SADA Systems as an implementation partner,” said Terrill. “From an IT perspective, we’ve realized huge productivity gains. We don’t spend nearly the amount of time managing email as we used to; we went from 20 hours a week to maybe 2 hours, saving a significant amount of time.” 

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