Top 8 Features of Microsoft’s Cloud Based Email:

Cloud-based OutlookLast week Microsoft rolled out, the new web-based email service. Many web mail users across the world are checking out, which Microsoft has termed as a new mail service for a modern user experience. A few reasons that users have listed for trying out are as follows:

    1. Modern Look: adopts a sleek Windows 8 Style interface.


    1. Built for Latest Devices:
      These days, people access their emails more often due to the increased use of smartphones, tablets and PC’s. is designed to use ActiveSync for Microsoft Exchange and hence it becomes available on most smartphones and tablets. Since Outlook is designed for the cloud, it offers anywhere anytime access to emails.


    1. Unlimited Storage Space:
      The amount of storage space being offered on Outlook is higher than all other email services. There seems to be no limit on storage and attachment space on Outlook and it allows sending attachments up to 300 GB.


    1. Connected to Social Networks:
      With the increasing popularity of social networks, is the first email service which has the ability to connect with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. This will provide status updates and tweets from friends in Outlook.


    1. Content Aware Email:
      Users will have the ability to filter their email based on the type of attachments, photos and documents. For photos, Outlook can show photos within the body of the email. All the documents can be viewed and edited through the browser itself due to the integrated Office Web Apps. Any video links such as those from YouTube will also play within the body of the email.


    1. SkyDrive:
      With the increased use of cloud based storage by users, Microsoft is offering SkyDrive as a key feature of Outlook. This cloud based storage helps store and share documents securely. SkyDrive also includes Office Web Apps which helps open Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in the browser.


    1. Use 5 Aliases to Send Email:
      Users can send and receive emails using their primary email address and also have the option to use up to 5 aliases to send email –


    1. Pure HTML Interface: has a pure HTML interface, which means the functionality is consistent across different browsers and on alternative platforms.

Microsoft has reported that 1 million users registered on within the first 6 hours of launch. What are your thoughts on using as your primary email address? Feel free to share your comments with us.

If you have any questions about the service or how the Microsoft Cloud can work for you, please feel free to contact SADA Microsoft experts at

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