SADA Systems unveils a new tool: SharePoint-Migration Magic!

SADA Systems develops another tool to add to our (un)official “Magic Box” – joining AuthMagic for Microsoft Online (AMMO) is SharePoint-Migration Magic (ShMMagic)! Organizations are increasingly adopting Microsoft SharePoint in order to collaborate, manage and share documents amongst one another. In response to this increased demand, SADA has developed a tool to quickly migrate files and folders to SharePoint with exceptional fidelity! Developed entirely on Microsoft Azure, ShMMagic is a File Server-to-SharePoint migration tool that provides a convenient, highly efficient way to migrate Windows files along with folder structures to the SharePoint environment. ShMMagic maintains your organization’s file and folder structure after the migration process and eliminates the formerly manual process of uploading files. This increases the productivity of your IT staff, saving time and money, as well as helping to prevent the possibility of data loss. ShMMagic is a special add-on to SADA’s Office 365 services – to learn more, email  

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