3 Ways Change Management as a Service (CMaaS) Maximizes ROI


Change management can have a profound impact on the bottom line, but only if it’s done right; organizations with a solid strategy see a 143% ROI, while companies with a more haphazard approach see a 35 cent loss on every dollar invested.[1] Numerous pain points – such as understanding their own operational gaps, managing costs, determining KPI, etc. – determine where companies end up on that spectrum.

Change management as a Service (CMaaS) is a strategic approach for rolling out new systems and procedures to solve those pain points. But how does it work? And what are the business benefits to it?

SADA Systems, a leader in enterprise cloud consulting and technology solutions, recently led a webinar that answers those questions and shows why long term adoption of new technologies and workflows are key to its effectiveness in being a growth driver. Hard costs, such as new software, tend to be fixed and easy to budget; but soft costs, such as time spent away from revenue-generating projects, are difficult to measure in the short term and can add up in the long run without a comprehensive rollout strategy.

Discover the key to effective change management and learn how it can help your company increase ROI on technology investments:

1. Overcomes Traditional Change Management Challenges

Traditional change management (CM), which often is based on rolling out a new solution but without any strategy for adoption or achieving ROI, is usually a straight line that leads directly to a loss of time and financial resources. A lack of full executive support can lead to company-wide confusion on direction. As a result, managers may not participate or prioritize the change among their teams, and employees may not receive the requisite trainings, meaning the company’s investment in new tools becomes a financial albatross.

A solid CMaaS strategy, one that starts before rollout and continues well after it, will remedy this by creating deployment strategies that make the business case for executives, show managers how this will drive productivity, and demonstrate to employees how this helps them be drivers of their company’s success.

2. CMaaS Delivers a Roadmap from the Current State to the Future State of Business

Change management solutions are designed to solve a company’s business and workflow challenges, but CM initiatives often fail because stakeholders don’t often understand their own road blocks. As such, the solution at-hand won’t be an efficient remedy.

SADA Systems’ CMaaS approach begins with a Value Envisioning Workshop (VEW) where its own consultants meet with company stakeholders and LOB leaders identify project goals, success criteria, and which Microsoft Cloud-based solutions will provide the best path to a win. Having a playbook makes it ideal to measure progress and adjust strategies according to customer and marketplace needs.

3. Customized Solutions Based on Specific Roadblocks

CM isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; companies’ business challenges are so unique and vary so much by industry that in order to see a strong ROI, they really need a solution designed just for them.

SADA takes a multi-faceted approach in developing a CMaaS strategy that rolls out the Office 365 suite with each client’s own needs in mind, leverages different strategies to help stakeholders achieve global buy-in, and delivers continual training to reach all “future state” KPI.

In addition to the VEW, SADA also deploys its own ROI-driver called the Four D’s of CMaaS: discovery, design, delivery, and dedication. These functions help drive adoption and ensure that continuous, targeted communication hammers home the value of change.

Once Office 365 is set up, company administrators are provided with a usage dashboard through Power BI. This empowers users to check adoption and usage data on each tool, devices they’re engaging on, and more.

Did you miss the webinar?

Change management helps companies roll out new processes, but CMaaS helps ensure the long term effectiveness of “the new way” to ensure a higher ROI. SADA, an industry expert in CMaaS, delivers desired business growth by analyzing companies’ business challenges, designing customized Cloud solutions, and ensuring support of these changes well after roll out day.

[1] https://gbr.pepperdine.edu/2010/08/the-business-impact-of-change-management/

Ready to learn more about how CMaaS and how SADA will make it work for your company?

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Jason Price | Practice Lead, Change Management and Organizational Effectiveness

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