5 Ways Dynamics 365 for Field Service Improves Customer Satisfaction

Any organization that services their customers in the field knows the pains of dispatching technicians, maintaining work orders, and invoicing.  These challenges add unnecessary overhead and slow manual processes don’t provide the speed of service that customers demand today. The solution is an integrated platform built on the Microsoft cloud technology you already have.  

Built on the Dynamics Sales and Customer Engagement (CRM) platform, Field Service allows you to provide a modern – fully integrated – platform to provide to provide in-person services.  Integration across the entire organization ensures that everyone throughout the organization has access to real-time actionable insights from your field operations.  


Here are 5 important ways that Dynamics 365 for Field Service can revolutionize your customer experience.

Resource Optimization

Resource scheduling can be a daunting task in manual scheduling or legacy systems.  Coordinating the dispatch of work orders based on technician skillset, location, customer expectations, etc. can be a labor-intensive process.  Dynamics 365 for Field Service provides the ability to semi-automate the process by ensuring that dispatchers are scheduling work orders based on key criteria.  Fully automated scheduling is also available to schedule work orders. The service manager determines how to prioritize the scheduling engine (i.e. by work order severity, maximize total working time, minimize driving time, etc.) and the resource scheduling optimization engine will automatically schedule service orders in the most efficient way. Customers get a technician that is on time, has the necessary skills, and has equipment on the truck needed to fulfill the service request.  

Empower Technicians

Having a mobile enabled service platform gives your field staff a complete view of the customer.  Having the ability to see the history of that customer or device allows service techs to make better – more informed – decisions.  Field Service also supports full offline capabilities. If the technician is servicing a remote oil rig or even if they’re just in a basement, remote offline capability ensures that all relevant information is on the tablet or phone.  When internet connectivity is restored everything synchronizes back to the cloud. The mobile application is also customizable to meet your specific business needs. This ensures that service is performed to your standards every time! Customers have peace of mind knowing that consistent service will be delivered no matter which technician is dispatched.

Harness the Internet of Things (IoT)

You no longer need to wait for service ticket when your customer calls.  Internet-connected devices can send telemetry and fault notifications before the equipment fails.  Dynamics 365 Field Service can even perform remote troubleshooting automatically and create a service ticket after automated remediation attempts fail.  Field Service organizations can reduce unnecessary preventative maintenance visits. Real time analysis of an HVAC filter for example might yield that it doesn’t need replacement every 6 months. Perhaps a 9 or 12-month cycle is better for that unit.  Furthermore, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the data coming from connected devices can provide insights about predictive failure even before a fault on the device is registered. Customers get service even before they know there is a problem, reducing costs due to equipment failure and downtime.

Engage with Customers

Dynamics 365 for Field Service leverages the entire sales and customer service platform.  Engage with your customer in new ways. Notify your customer when the technician is traveling.  Provide a GPS enabled Glympse notification so that the customer can see exactly when the technician will arrive.  Follow up on a completed service request with a Voice of the Customer survey. Drive higher CSAT and NPS scores by providing timely surveys after exceptional service.  Customers can self-serve through Dynamics 365 Portals by searching knowledge articles and opening support incidents directly. Customers get an experience that shows they are valued – and valued customers will bring in more business not only through their own spending, but through referrals as well.

Integrate and Celebrate

Harness the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud to eliminate manual reentry of data.  From sales, to delivery, to invoicing, everything is connected. Management gets the ability to use PowerBI to analyze performance of service operations. Finance has real-time invoicing capabilities for field operations without the need to process paper tickets.  Instead of having to write everything down, technicians have an intuitive system to capture data in the field. Customers get accurate service and invoicing.  Everyone will celebrate the benefits of automation and integration.


Interested in learning how to take your service operations to the next level by providing your customers with an experience that is repeatable, measurable, and actionable?  Click the button below to request a free consultation about how Dynamics 365 for Field Service will set you apart from your competitors.

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