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About SADA Systems

Founded in 2000, SADA Systems has transformed how organizations work, collaborate, engage, analyze and report to meet key business objectives and thrive in an ever-changing market. As a privately-held global leader in business and technology consultation and cloud solutions, SADA Systems is a platform-neutral partner of industry-leading cloud providers, including Microsoft and Google. Together, we deliver expert cloud consultation, strategic IT services, cloud migration and deployment, custom application development, managed services, as well as user-adoption and training services to our clients worldwide.

SADA Systems is focused on delivering enterprise-grade solutions to our public sector, mid-market and large enterprise clients in various industries including healthcare, media and entertainment, retail, manufacturing, education, government and professional services. We employ some of the foremost experienced professionals in the platforms we support – engineers, developers, project managers, business analysts, UX/UI experts, designers, and user adoption consultants – ensuring we can provide a holistic view on the most complex business challenges, and deliver an awe-inspiring user experience to our clients.

Beyond the Cloud

SADA Systems knows that it’s not a matter of if an organization will transcend to the cloud; it’s a matter of when. Transition to the cloud is not in itself a destination, but simply an enabler to what’s possible, and what’s next in driving real business transformation for our clients.

With over 18 years of expertise in IT services, cloud computing strategies, design and development, infrastructure management, and managed services, SADA offers guidance through every stage of an organization’s business transformation. Once your organization is in the cloud, that’s when real innovation begins and SADA is by your side every step of the way. SADA works closely with your stakeholders to identify key business objectives and provide insight into how today’s technologies can drive innovation within your organization.

No business transformation is successful without an engaged workforce, and customers and partners. SADA’s enterprise consulting team helps guide departments through change management phases fostering support and adoption of new tools and technologies, resulting in greater ROI of your technology investments.

SADA Systems is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider with Gold Competencies, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, and a Workplace by Facebook Service Partner focused on delivering innovative cloud technologies and tools, combined with expert consultation and exceptional customer experience.

Our Core Values

SADA’s Core Values provide a foundation for how we do business, deliver our services and engage with partners, customers, and team members.

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Make Them Rave

We create raving fans who are inspired to tell the world about our extraordinary services. We’re a services company, which means we’ll go above and beyond in order to make sure everyone from our clients to our partners has their vision of success fulfilled.

Be Data Driven

We make purposeful decisions and take calculated risks fueled by the analysis of internal data, observation of market trends, lessons from experience, and feedback from our fans and critics. We believe data drives continuous improvement.

Be One Step Ahead

We are dependable, efficient individuals who get things done right. We don’t wait to be told what to do, we take initiative. We are exceptionally self-managing, resourceful and creative. In short, we want to be the ones blazing the trail, not the ones following it.

Be A Change Agent

At SADA Systems we are in the business of change. We are focused on leading-edge technology that is ever-evolving. We embrace change enthusiastically and encourage agility. This means that not only do we understand that change is inevitable, but we leverage this change as a tool to take our business to new heights.

Do The Right Thing

At SADA, it’s of utmost importance for us to maintain our integrity, internally and externally. As individuals and as a company, we are honest and accountable in everything we do. We foster trust through transparency, open communication and feedback. At all times we are professional.


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Leadership Team

Tony Safoian

Tony Safoian
President, CEO

Hovig Safoian (Founder, CTO)

Hovig Safoian
Founder, CTO

Matt Lawrence COO SADA Systems

Matthew Lawrence

Dana Berg

Dana Berg

Orkideh Shahidi

Orkideh Shahidi
Director of People Operations

Narine Galstian

Narine Galstian
Vice President, Marketing

Joe Kosco VP Sales SADA Systems

Joe Kosco
Vice President, Google Sales

Patrick Monaghan

Patrick Monaghan
Chief Legal Officer/General Counsel