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Infrastructure Management

SADA is dedicated to market leadership utilizing globally recognized standards for complete Infrastructure Management Services

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Unrivaled Infrastructure Management Services
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Gain the IT resources and peace of mind knowing that your business systems are being proactively managed around the clock by an enterprise-class IT department! SADA Systems Infrastructure Managed Services team helps drive your business operations forward by providing premier IT consultative services, based off over 10 years of in-field experience of the best-of-breed technologies.

SADA’s Infrastructure Management Services provides:

  • Effective management of security and reliability in the IT environment
  • Reliable and skilled IT resources
  • Improved system performance, reducing business downtime
  • Multiple competencies and expertise in different areas of IT
  • Lowered operational costs, and improved ROI

While you focus on growing your business, SADA’s expert team of IT professionals will address your organization’s IT needs to ensure your systems and programs are performing the way you need them to.

SADA’s Infrastructure Management Services & Benefits:

  • Remote monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure including, servers, and network hardware, with optional infrastructure consulting (including infrastructure refresh)
  • Managing the entire lifecycle of a client request, from the initial call to the final resolution of the issue
  • Desktop monitoring, maintenance and end-user support including remote desktop control
  • Managed security - including firewall, anti-virus, threat management and patching
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting to capture hardware and software inventory information as well as detailing preventive maintenance activities.
  • 24/7 Service Desk support with industry certified experts
  • Adherence to security best practices
  • Dedicated technical account manager

Learn more about how we support our clients:

Automated processes perform a health check to gauge memory, storage and processor usage. Once the information is compiled the system will determine the services/processes that are required for the server to operate normally - this information is monitored continuously, to ensure optimal system performance.

SADA's monitoring system never sleeps to provide round-the-clock visibility to your systems. Engineers respond to monitoring events and clients have the option of contacting us in the event an alarm is triggered after business hours.

The system agents are deployed to desktops and servers to update anti-virus signatures, delete temp files, defragment hard drives. All actions are pre-scheduled activities that run automatically in low priority mode whenever the machine is available, whether it is connected to your network or to the internet.

Our agents enables us to remotely access users’ computers to assist with any remediation activities. The Service Desk can use this tool, with your permission, to assist anyone, anywhere in the world over the internet. Access can be further controlled to require explicit user permission and/or user notification when connections are established and/or disconnected.

SADA maintains complete and detailed records of all systems with comprehensive tracking of all software, hardware service account, and support details on each server, workstation.

SADA team will perform routine system maintenance remotely and provide remote remediation services to resolve problems as they arise. In the event the problem requires an engineer onsite we can dispatch an engineer to your office to resolve the issue.

Our service manages a comprehensive collection of Microsoft of "Whitelist" and "Blacklist" patches (Critical security patches for Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft applications). Patches are reviewed, approved and systems are remotely patched as needed.

Our Managed Services Platform comes with a built-in ticketing system which serves as a hub for communications between our clients, the service desk, and our system agents. The ticketing system will create reports for us on issues such as resource usage, patch update failures, preventative maintenance failures, etc.

As an authorized reseller of name-brand hardware and software, SADA can provide guidance when selecting the systems for your company based on your requirements. Our specialists work directly with your organization AND your budget to meet all your business specifications, with zero commitment to buy on your part.

SADA makes available our workbench depot resources to all of our Managed Service clients and their supported devices. With a fast 2-day turn-over time, we can repair most common computer problems right out of our own facilities. Our bench also preps any equipment you purchase through SADA, whether part of a project or a simply PC requirement, to maximize our efficiency when installing equipment on-site. Simply bring your PC to us, and we'll take care of the request!

Through our partner network, SADA will work with you to determine if your company is up-to-date with all of its software licensing and ready to go for any IT projects in your future. We make sure you are purchasing the best licensing for your business and getting the most cost effective pricing.

Through our partner network, we provide you with the options available and recommend the best voice, security and unified communications tools for your business, at no additional cost.

SADA offers Vendor Management services because we understand the value of your time. Having a single point of contact for all your vendors is key to regaining your people's productivity. We interface with all of your technology vendors including your phone and internet service providers, line of business software vendors, hardware vendors, digital imaging system providers, and more! Our Vendor Management services are an integral part of the Infrastructure Management Services we offer.

SADA effectively acts as your technology vendor liaison - we have well established relationships with many contacts through the IT/SI ecosystem, which your organization can take advantage of. We speak their language, and can get things done quickly and efficiently. We will go as far as signing Letter of Agency for organization requiring formal delegates be named.

We will support printers outlined in the list of supported devices. Our support covers installation, connectivity, basic troubleshooting, driver installs and firmware updates.

SADA also offers 24/7 IT Infrastructure monitoring, remediation and Network Operation Services. This service will offer immediate remediation of any alarms, no matter the client's operational hours. SADA will continually monitor your system, take all possible steps to resolve issues remotely, and will notify you if remediation requires dispatch, purchases and/or Vendor involvement.

Kaspersky anti-virus for a completely integrated endpoint protection solution. The Kaspersky Signature files are updated every four hours and the desktop agent can also detect signatures of other antivirus products like McAfee or Symantec.

Managed Anti-Malware solution to detect and protect against malware in real- time. Anti-Phishing and identity theft protection with Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit.

We offer a sophisticated data-protection, system imaging technology and the ability to replicate backup to the cloud as needed. We can reduce system recovery time from days to hours with our fully integrated, fully automated backup systems.

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