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Why choose Yammer?

Yammer enterprise social is a powerful tool that helps organizations transform workflows and communication - a private social Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Yammer works across any application in your business and allows users to stay up to speed on projects and corporate culture in real-time.

SADA Systems is one of Microsoft’s first Yammer-certified partners in the world, having participated in the Yammer Customer Engagement Partner Program (YCEPP), and has an expert team of engagement managers, trainers, project managers, developers and engineers to help organizations align their business goals with a Yammer vision and value plan. We’ll assist in forming a Yammer execution plan with 6-12 month Yammer service offerings to account for network health checks, reporting and regular consultation to ensure that the value of the investment in the power of enterprise social collaboration is maximized. SADA also offers Yammer training services to ensure that users can successfully adopt the platform following deployment.


  • Quickly find subject matter experts and information across your organization with full-text universal search including instant type-ahead to make suggestions for search terms, relevant files, conversations and data
  • Use External Networks as a dedicated online workspace to collaborate with contacts outside your organization’s Yammer network
  • Easily set up and prioritize groups according to teams and projects


  • Empower every employee to connect and engage
  • Collaborate and communicate with your team to drive productivity
  • Innovate, quickly adapt to change, and push transformation forward

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